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Premium Local Products is a company founded to bring high quality authentic products delivered right to your doorsteps.

The people behind the company are Kathleen - a Singapore national and quality food lover, and Michel - a mix of Swiss/Greek/French/Taiwanese who was brought up in Africa. The founders have a passion for healthy living and travelling. Travel enables them to discover new experiences by getting to know local communities and their ways of living.

In every trip, they explore local authentic products to share with their families and friends. This is where the idea of bringing all natural products - either for cuisine or medicinal use, to people in need of premium naturals minus the middleman costs originated.

Edible OilEdible Oil

The purpose of the company is to ensure not only the delivery of the products at your convenience. Alongside, they also prioritize great value and taste, guaranteeing the overall quality of local products under their company distribution.

Citing the sources of these natural products, Kathleen and Michel would like to share how valuable local items could be. Doing so can also help you understand its outstanding differences from standard products

Premium Local Products also encourages people to be part of a movement involving environment preservation. By appreciating locally-made products, you will also support the producers and farmers responsible for bringing these pure and contaminant-free products. They deserve sustainability despite the advancement in industrialization. In addition, logistics and delivery are optimized throughout the journey for a minimized carbon footprint.

Edible Oil

It is also the founders’ objective to foster to their fellow people an inspiration to live a healthier lifestyle. At present, communities are being exposed to artificial products, which cannot even guarantee protection from future complications.

Not all people get to discover the hidden treasures of localities, which is why Premium Local Products decided to deliver selected authentic products at your door as it believes you deserve the highest quality local products available.

Essential OilEssential Oil

It is the value of the founders to provide their customers the best e-commerce experience of finding local products, which can be deemed difficult to obtain at your nearby local store. Upfront costs are highly reduced given there is no shop space or middleman involved in the operations of the seller.

Premium Local Products is looking forward to eliminating the challenge of purchasing authentic local items whilst promoting a healthier, more productive, and happier life. And with a deeper purpose behind the company, you can at the same time help local communities to live decently by patronizing their local qualitative ancestral productions.

The co-founders are aiming to provide a large selection of 100 percent high quality and certified natural solutions to the community, originating from different countries worldwide. It is one of the morals of the company not only to deliver high quality solutions, but attain certifications for the products, proving their nutritional and original values that they use daily themselves.


  • Premium Products – Offers only top quality and naturally harvested local products originating from other countries worldwide.
  • Fair Trade Community; Budget-friendly – Eliminates middleman costs and ensuring the right price point where everyone can get to enjoy these premium, natural and healthy products.
  • Agricultural Support – Be part of keeping farmers and producers’ source of living at the right market price and by appreciating the products of their unconditional and enthusiastic work dedication.
  • Well-being Maintenance, Healthy Living – Promotes healthier living in the midst of a world constantly exposed fad diets and poor lifestyle choices.
  • Convenience – Delivers products right to your doorsteps. Eliminates requirement to visit a shop; 100% convenience and hassle-free.
  • Contribution To The Society – To help the poor women and families working in the farms in these countries, e.g. Africa.


Premium Local Products aims to make high quality, locally-made products sourced from different parts of the world available right at your doorsteps. By taking advantage of the e-commerce advancement, personal networks, and the social media, the company will fill in your local product needs through convenient ordering in the digital space.


If you are looking for a means to enhance your way of living without the issues from ingesting chemical-filled products, let the company supplies with everything you need. Edible oils, essential oils, spices, botanicals, and natural products will all be provided by taking advantage of the e-commerce industry. Live a healthy life while you support the people behind natural products.