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Chufala Organic Chufa Powder 100G


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The finely grounded tuber, Chufa Powder

This version of the super tuber complements your cooking and baking needs! Naturally sweet, it reduces the need to add any sweeteners. It also packs a good dose of fibre into the recipe you are adding into.​

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  • The finely grounded tuber, Chufa Powder

    What is it?

    - Chufa milled finely into powder for your convenience to add directly into your food
    - This version of the Chufa Powder is from top grade Chufa and has been milled so fine to be of the same consistency as icing sugar; it is finer and sweeter than our Chufa Flour version
    - Chufa is from the root vegetable/tuber family (same as carrots, potatoes). Hailed as a superfood with lots of vitamins and minerals
    - Sweet, nutty flavour - described to be similar to "almonds, pistachio, coconut, figs"


    How to enjoy:

    - Boost your beverages and food with more vitamins and minerals
    - Adds a crunchy and nutty flavour, and a good dose of fibre, minerals and vitamins to your food. Its natural sweetness allows you to add less or omit refined sugar in your recipes altogether
    - Add spoonful directly into your yogurts, muesli, overnight oats, smoothies, protein shakes, or sprinkle over salads. The possibilities are endless



    - Low Glycemic Index, a complex carbohydrate
    - High in Dietary Fibre content promotes digestion
    - Rich in Antioxidant Vitamin E which protects your cells against free radicals
    - Source of Monosaturated Fat to lower total and LDL(bad)-cholesterol in your body
    - Source of Iron and Magnesium which reduces tiredness and fatigue
    - Source of Zinc for normal immune system function
    - Source of Potassium for normal muscle function
    - Source of Phosphorous for normal energy metabolism


    Chufa Powder Nutritional Label


    Ingredients: 100% Spanish Chufa Powder

    Product of Spain


    Product of Chufala Singapore

Total Serving Size 100G